Saturday, 12 April 2014

DC Comics Cover Girls: Batgirl

The DC Comics Cover Girls Batgirl defines the true meaning of deception- a soothing smile and a batarang ready for takeoff. You definitely won't know what hit you not unless of course you're quick to realize her true intention. With her admirable skill, Wayne Enterprises should make her an officer in charge of some personal relations stuff or someone who will make you sign a deal. Though her bat symbol over her chest is unrecognizable and a little different from the ones common, but that is being overpowered by her overall sassiness.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Legends Lost In Limbo

Hasbro shouldn't get all the blame for what had happened to those "Legends" we've been longing to show up. I believe the culprit is this whole system of supply and demand that points to everyone and everything including consumers such as myself.

Notice that most action figures that had been released recently are movie-related figures and the majority of the people who will potentially buy these figures are (not surprisingly) "superhero movie fans"! I don't blame Hasbro if they are halfhearted in catering someone like me who loves the comics and who knows pretty much every characters in the Marvel Universe. They are running a business and it's all about the money.

When the millions are pumped up for the new Captain America movie or the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, why not take advantage of it? Blade is not going to sell. And Sentry?... pfft... he is not even in any of the movies! If Hasbro is heading that route (which they already did), I am cool with it but if they keep giving us those false promises then I'm gonna start calling them a bunch of liars.

Legends lost in limbo as what I call these figures that are supposed to be released in a certain Wave at a certain time, and here they are with their "important facts":

Supposed Arrival: August 2013
Series: Rocket Raccoon BAF Wave
"Bulldozer is probably the most anticipated Marvel Legends figure for fans who are dying to complete the entire Wrecking Crew team".

Supposed Arrival: August 2013
Series: Rocket Raccoon BAF Wave
"Utilizing the Black Panther body mold, the Classic Hawkeye is supposed to be the running change/variant for the Modern Hawkeye in the Rocket Raccoon Wave".

Supposed Arrival: March 2013
Series: Hit-Monkey BAF Wave
"At SDCC 2012 and SDCC 2013, Hasbro had kept a model of the Marvel Legends Sentry on display. The final product never showed up in any retailers".

Supposed Arrival: March 2013
Series: Hit-Monkey BAF Wave
"The White Iron Fist is supposed to be the running change for the Protector. He is still missing in action."

Supposed Arrival: September 2012
Series: Epic Heroes Series
"Blade is way way past his supposed release date. What's more surprising is that Hasbro released a Thunderbolts version of the Punisher as a running change instead of him"!

Supposed Arrival: August 2013
Series: Rocket Raccoon BAF Wave
"A variant for the X-Men Classic Jean Grey, the White Phoenix will use the Jean Grey head sculpt who's still hoping to be reborn".

Supposed Arrival: November 2013
Series: Wolverine Legends Wave
"Modern Rogue is Hasbro's most recent promise that never got released in the Wolverine Legends Series. On a rogue mission perhaps".

Supposed Arrival: March 2013
Series: Hit-Monkey BAF Wave
"The Savage She-Hulk is supposed to be the variant for the Red She-Hulk. She never smashed her way into the Series".

Supposed Arrival: September 2012
Series: Epic Heroes Series
"...And Moonstar just disappeared like a meteorite dispersed slowly into the atmosphere".

What also surprises me is the number of unreleased figures within a two-year span. The mistakes just keep repeating and we are not sure if Hasbro is trying to learn from these. Even worse, we're not sure if these figures are going to be released! ...and so what the heck?!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Fan Event Attendance 006: Toronto Comic Con

Now here is a well-spent Sunday morning in Toronto last March 9, 2014. The weather was fine and it was my weekend off- the "geek god" must have blessed me on this day.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Taking A Tour Around The 1980 Mego Batcave

This... is not mine. This belongs to a friend who is a sucker for vintage toys specifically on comic book superheroes stuff. What's astonishing about vintage collectors is that they always take you to a tour back in time just by allowing you to stay in their "collection room". The 1980 Mego Batcave had me drawn to stay longer and take photos on what's apparently just thin hard plastic assembled together to create Bats infamous hideout.

...and here's the kitchen.

Being the mainstream toy collecting guy such as myself never expected to like this figure... or rather playset. The feeling I got was more of an awe for this very old piece than amazement. Now I know why some collectors dig for these kinds.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Marvel Legends Captain America & Spider-Man Infinite Series: A Back to Back Feature

Everyone heard about it and now every Marvel Legends fan already has it! I mean, I bought and got it, of course because I am also a fan, but it took me almost 3 weeks to hunt them and catch them all. Now they are all over my room but I manage to separate them at their corners. My so-called "blue corner" is for my good ol' Cap and "red corner" is for my friendly neighborhood Spidey.

They all going to be reviewed between the month of February and March at my Action Figure Collection site. It is going to be all Marvel Legends and stuff for these months and I hope it doesn't bore you or bore me probably. I like the variety, you know.

Anyways, let the duel between these two valiant heroes begin!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Fan Event Attendance - 006: Toy Show In Mississauga

This was my weekend and the first ever toy show event I attended this 2014. My goodness, I miss this stuff! I think it's already like three months and a half since my last visit to this kind of event. Nothing much changed really; still I see some awesome toys, vintage or antique toys, pricey wallet-hurting toys, and just toys for all ages. But what really made me happy are the ones I've always wanted to see,... everything!

Maybe all I need to change is my camera.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Tekken Bishoujo: Ling Xiaoyu

It's Ling like you've never seen her before! Once a little Asian girl now turned into... umm... a healthier and "meatier" little Asian girl. While still retaining her translucent wristbands and her childish feature, this big girl don't cry nor shy away (not anymore) regardless of her minor skin exposure. Ling Xiaoyu is the latest Tekken Bishoujo statue designed by Shunya Yamashita, and if you love these beautiful and lovely girls who have appetites for ass whooping then Ling surely is a great addition.

Fun Fact: Ling appeared in the third instalment of the Tekken video games along with Jin.