Saturday, 17 January 2015

Unboxing - 004: The Year's First

This is my first unboxing for the year 2015, courtesy of Big Bad Toy Store. So let's see who's inside this box.

Batman !

Joker !!

Captain America !!

A box within a box? ...who could this be?


And so there you go; three action figures and a collectible in one box, ...and a chance to examine them at Combo's Action Figure Collection. Watch out for my reviews on these figures especially this S.H.Figuarts Broly, because he looked really awesome and superior just by the looks alone.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Combo's Top 10 Action Figures of 2014

We all have our own favourites! I got mine, you got yours, and you probably bought some well-made action figures that I don't normally collect, which might have been in my list of Top 10 but we can't have everything. And everything in this list are the ones I reviewed at Combo's Action Figure Collection in 2014. So without further adieu, here are my Top 10.

Almost Made It!
MS Zombie Magneto, ML Gladiator, S.H.F. Super Mario

#10: Black Cat - Marvel Legends Infinite Series

#9: Agent Venom - Marvel Legends Infinite Series

#8: Samus Aran: Metroid - Figma
(Max Factory)

#7: Green Ranger and the Power Rangers - S.H.Figuarts
(Bandai Tamashii Nations)

#6: Daryl Dixon w/ Chopper: The Walking Dead
(McFarlane Toys)

#5: Gipsy Danger: Pacific Rim

#4: Captain America (Stealth) - Marvel Legends Infinite Series

#3: Link: The Legend of Zelda - Figma
(Max Factory)

#2: War Machine: Iron Man 2 - S.H.Figuarts
(Bandai Tamashii Nations)

#1 Winner: Son Goku: Dragon Ball Z - S.H.Figuarts
(Bandai Tamashii Nations)

And that wraps up my Top 10 Action Figures of 2014!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Marvel Chess Collection: A Collection In Progress

I started playing the game of chess back when I was a sophomore. It was in those times when action figures and collectibles aren't really my thing. I considered it as one of my good talents and I've joined a few competitive chess events when I was in college.

Student life was over, got a job and slowly lost interest in the game. I got into collecting action figures... and found this! As simple as they look, for me- it is like two hobbies merged into one.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Card Collection: 1992 Marvel Universe Series 3

It's time to dig into what is apparently my favourite series for Marvel trading cards!




Power Grids


Cosmic Beings




Thursday, 20 November 2014

When Cheap Plastic Meets Stiffed Joint

Do you know what happens to a cheap plastic when it got that hard-to-bend stiffed joint?! It BREAKS!

I was about to take some photos on the Marvel Legends Jubilee Build-A-Figure... then this happened. It totally made my day!

Monday, 29 September 2014

Street Fighter Bishoujo: Cammy

Of all the sci-fi and fantasy or video game vixens that Kotobukiya has turned and translated into their own Japanese anime-type Bishoujo statues, Cammy is probably the easiest one to create. I mean, look at her! She got all the elements to be already a Bishoujo- a set of large lovely eyes and a body or outfit that may get you warned for bringing it home to your wife, to the point where reimagining her is not quite of a strain. Dammit! Why does she have to wear that? Though I like her; she is brave and bold having no fear showing every single abilities and assets she got. This is the kind of woman I salute!

When the world itself is becoming into a huge street fight, we need women like Cammy.