Sunday, 19 August 2012

Collection and Combination

Combollector? That's like a merge between the word "Combiner" and "Collector." Or maybe that's just a word I invented for people like me who collects action figures and collectibles, especially those really cool build-a-figures (BAF) like the Marvel Legends Sentinel, or those combiners like the Devastator of the Transformers (which I'll be getting soon),...
Assembling my BAF Sentinel

or gathering an existing team of comic book characters in my living room. Either way, this is my hobby, and my "escape from reality" stuff.

Photo by: Joe Maduriera
In this blog, I will also be doing some toy reviews every week (hopefully, if time allows), on all sorts of action figures and collectibles I've collected, and hopefully get the latest and coolest stuff around. So check them out.

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