Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Zen Room

My room is my sanctuary and my place of zen. It is in here where my core of happiness lies undisturbed.

Marvel Legends action figures with BAF Terrax in the middle)

Some people have memorabilias hanging in their walls. Others have a huge collection of DVD’s, books, or magazines towering in every corner of their rooms. My girlfriend’s room has layers and layers of complete seasons of Alias, Prison Break, Grey’s Anatomy and other T.V. shows she’s been working on. But mine is typically just another room for your average geek around your neighbourhood.

Marvel Select action figures with Marvel Legends BAF Giant Man

Most of my collections are action figures inspired in the comic books, and I successfully collected more than a dozen of them mostly coming from Marvel Select and Marvel Legends toy line.

Scarface, Predator, Robocop, and Terminator

I’ve got movie-inspired figures as well that I’m going to match with my DVD collection as soon as get another shelf for my room.
And if it gets too over-crowded in here, I probably just sell them or give it to someone who wants it dearly. But the fact is, this room will hold the coolest and the most iconic action figures around that every collector must have.

"You're invading my space!"

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  1. I don't actually have a room dedicated to my figures,more like a corner of the room.But I do find it very relaxing chillin' with my toys!That is a great set up you have there ;)