Sunday, 30 September 2012

Wave Three Trio

I unboxed three Marvel Legends Wave 3 action figures that I purchased last week. I think all three of them are just amazing action figures, and they're the reason why I'm excited about this new series... so better check out these photos of Mystique, Doctor Doom and Punisher.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Ultra-poseable Ultron

Not that I think this Ultron is as poseable as the Ultra-poseable Spider-Man (by Hasbro) that I'm sure some of you guys knew about, but by far this is the most articulated Marvel Select action figure that Diamond Select has ever created. I think this is a great improvement for the company. Check out some more photos at this link below:

Marvel Select Ultron

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Marvellous Week - 001

Finally! Marvel Legends Wave 3 (by Hasbro) is here. Just came out last Wednesday in some of the retail stores around my area. I can't wait for Wave 4 as well, which will be out next year.

I think you probably know that this new wave doesn’t have BAF pieces, which kinda suck but nonetheless, I think they look great! I didn’t get the X-Force Deadpool- not too excited about it, as well as the Neo-Classic Iron Man. I’m just waiting for the original red Deadpool and Blade to come out.

Marvel Legends Doctor Doom

Now there will be a Future Foundation variant of Doctor Doom (where he wears a white cloak) that's going to come out. Not too excited about it as well, but I am speculating that Hasbro will create a Moon Knight out from this Doom variant in the future... maybe after Wave 4.
Marvel Legends Punisher and Mystique

For me, this is now the best-looking Marvel Legends Punisher ever created, and Mystique just looks better in that mold than Madame Hydra.
This week, I also got the Marvel Universe Frost Giant delivered to my door. I’ve been searching for a great deal on eBay for like a month for this guy, and finally found one. Now I’m not really a huge collector of the Marvel Universe toyline but this one is an exemption. He's mean, ugly and big, and got 'em for a cheap price.

Marvel Universe Frost Giant

And lastly and definitely the best deal I got for this week is the Marvel Select Ultron!! ...Looks awesome and I can’t wait to crack this package open, and put this on display and take photos, and say something about this guy.

Marvel Select Ultron

I will share to you my personal thoughts on all these action figures as soon as I get to check them. So for now… adios!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Stars, Stripes & Bits of Surprise

Check out my other blog: Combollector's Action Figure Collection and see photos of some of the oldest and latest action figures I have and will be having in my room. On that blog, I also posted some personal thoughts, rants, and news about almost everything in the world of sci-fi, comics & video games.

Today, I would like to talk about this action figure that I had probably like 4 months ago. It's the Marvel Select Captain America: The First Avenger Movie. This is one of Marvel Select's greatest creation and I think they outdid themselves because of this action figure. For my full thoughts and review, please click this link:

Sunday, 16 September 2012

The First

I was just a mere comic book reader until one day I came to my local comic bookstore looking for some comic books to read, and just for the heck of it, I took a glance at all these action figures in a certain area of the store but I cared less about it, and went straight ahead to the comic book section. The following week I came to visit that same comic bookstore and I thought maybe I should check it out, but I was on that stage where I go "Whooaa, this is dope!", but end up not buying. When I got home, I was thinking how that Deadpool would look good in my room and how that action figure is going to look sick when I try to pose him as if he’s shooting at my books. So I bought him the following day, and that was the beginning of my action figure collection.

This is the first action figure I purchased out from my own pocket, the Marvel Select Deadpool. If you wanna know about my thoughts, and read some of my reviews about the MS Deadpool and other toys and collectibles I got, just go visit this link:


Sunday, 9 September 2012

This Week's New Stuff - 001

Today at ToyCon in Burlington, Ontario, I got some really great stuff I'd like to show here! While it's unfortunate that I didn't take some photographs of the event, I still am excited about my new collectibles that I brought home.

First, I got the Blackest Night Arkillo that I bought for $10, which I think it's a good deal.


Next, I went over to the Masters of the Universe corner and found this guy here, Chief Carnivus for $25.

Chief Carnivus

More importantly, I finally got this "hard-to-find" Sorceress for a whooping $60, and I thought that's it. I'm done for the day!


On my way home, I just remembered that my local comic book shop was putting all their items on sale for like 10% to 30% on that same day. So I turned around and came, and checked their stuff. I kinda already knew what I am going to buy just before I entered the store. Without second thoughts, I got Leonardo from the TMNT Classic Collection. Got him for $18, which isn't bad.


I was already past my budget, and can't afford to buy the other three Ninja Turtles, which hopefully will still be around in the next 3 weeks. But the ToyCon was fun, I've seen alot of awesome action figures and collectibles, I've seen some people bringing probably like eight or ten action figures with them. There were a few cosplayers, and there was Jimmy the Mouth and the lovely Danielle Harris. I must say I can't wait for the next ToyCon event!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Cool Stuff

There are alot of amazing toys and collectibles out there done by one of our amazing artists and toy engineers today, that you'd wish you can get them all if you only got the money to purchase all of them. Each toyline (Mattel, ToyBiz, Hasbro, HotToys & others) delivers us their most eye-popping creations, but unfortunately I can only collect a few of them (for now) and decided to go with these following toylines.

Although the Marvel Select action figures are notable for its lack of articulation and "poseability," in my opinion, they are crossbreeds between statues and action figures. Now I don't mean that it is a bad thing. Some collectors like me are into lifelike sculpt and paint details, and size, and this is the reason why I choose Marvel Select figures for "art display" over the Legends figures. Marvel Legends by ToyBiz on the other hand gives you the fun of posing your action figures to any angle or direction you would want to imagine, and if you're into A.C.B.A. (Articulated Comic Book Art) you'll definitely need action figures such as these.
I am also excited about Hasbro's The Return of Marvel Legends series. I think I have seen some improvement on their product line, and hopefully will out-perform ToyBiz soon (fingers crossed).

Play Arts action figures are all about great poseability and playability plus well-detailed sculpt and paint application... and for a reasonable price! No toy maker can give you all those characteristics into one package, and if you're into video games, you'll definitely love Play Arts. In my opinion, I think this toyline will soon become a huge economic threat to its bigger rivals like Bandai and Takara Tomy, and I believe the future is bright for Play Arts.

I probably gonna collect maybe some prominent or iconic action figures of the Masters of the Universe Classics like those ones that inspired me when I was a kid. I mean who want to have Battle Cat or Man-At-Arms or the Shadow Beast finally brought to your shelf as awesome-looking as they are just like in the cartoons you've probably watched in the 80's. This for me is like reminiscing childhood memories, but now they're not "For Play" but "For Display."

Another childhood memory... but unlike the MOTU toyline, I cannot control my hands and play these things, and enjoy solving and transforming it like a puzzle or like that Rubix cube. There are hundreds and hundreds of Transformer toys out there coming from different toy industries but I would only choose the cool ones, and the ones that doesn't depreciate as it gets older and older.

I would definitely gonna get my hands on other toys and collectibles from other toylines like that TMNT by Playmates or those pricey (insanely pricey) toys from Hot Toys, and not strictly on these toylines I have just mentioned above. Despite my passion for comic books, action figures, sci-fi movies and video games, I think it is also important to properly manage my income and know when not to buy even if the ones I'm looking for comes along.