Sunday, 23 September 2012

Marvellous Week - 001

Finally! Marvel Legends Wave 3 (by Hasbro) is here. Just came out last Wednesday in some of the retail stores around my area. I can't wait for Wave 4 as well, which will be out next year.

I think you probably know that this new wave doesn’t have BAF pieces, which kinda suck but nonetheless, I think they look great! I didn’t get the X-Force Deadpool- not too excited about it, as well as the Neo-Classic Iron Man. I’m just waiting for the original red Deadpool and Blade to come out.

Marvel Legends Doctor Doom

Now there will be a Future Foundation variant of Doctor Doom (where he wears a white cloak) that's going to come out. Not too excited about it as well, but I am speculating that Hasbro will create a Moon Knight out from this Doom variant in the future... maybe after Wave 4.
Marvel Legends Punisher and Mystique

For me, this is now the best-looking Marvel Legends Punisher ever created, and Mystique just looks better in that mold than Madame Hydra.
This week, I also got the Marvel Universe Frost Giant delivered to my door. I’ve been searching for a great deal on eBay for like a month for this guy, and finally found one. Now I’m not really a huge collector of the Marvel Universe toyline but this one is an exemption. He's mean, ugly and big, and got 'em for a cheap price.

Marvel Universe Frost Giant

And lastly and definitely the best deal I got for this week is the Marvel Select Ultron!! ...Looks awesome and I can’t wait to crack this package open, and put this on display and take photos, and say something about this guy.

Marvel Select Ultron

I will share to you my personal thoughts on all these action figures as soon as I get to check them. So for now… adios!


  1. You have a Great Blog ... many cool images as well...I have the ("Vault") series) Ultron ...

    1. Thanks for visiting this blog. Ultron is one of my favourite bad guys, regardless of the different versions he comes.