Sunday, 9 September 2012

This Week's New Stuff - 001

Today at ToyCon in Burlington, Ontario, I got some really great stuff I'd like to show here! While it's unfortunate that I didn't take some photographs of the event, I still am excited about my new collectibles that I brought home.

First, I got the Blackest Night Arkillo that I bought for $10, which I think it's a good deal.


Next, I went over to the Masters of the Universe corner and found this guy here, Chief Carnivus for $25.

Chief Carnivus

More importantly, I finally got this "hard-to-find" Sorceress for a whooping $60, and I thought that's it. I'm done for the day!


On my way home, I just remembered that my local comic book shop was putting all their items on sale for like 10% to 30% on that same day. So I turned around and came, and checked their stuff. I kinda already knew what I am going to buy just before I entered the store. Without second thoughts, I got Leonardo from the TMNT Classic Collection. Got him for $18, which isn't bad.


I was already past my budget, and can't afford to buy the other three Ninja Turtles, which hopefully will still be around in the next 3 weeks. But the ToyCon was fun, I've seen alot of awesome action figures and collectibles, I've seen some people bringing probably like eight or ten action figures with them. There were a few cosplayers, and there was Jimmy the Mouth and the lovely Danielle Harris. I must say I can't wait for the next ToyCon event!

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