Sunday, 16 September 2012

The First

I was just a mere comic book reader until one day I came to my local comic bookstore looking for some comic books to read, and just for the heck of it, I took a glance at all these action figures in a certain area of the store but I cared less about it, and went straight ahead to the comic book section. The following week I came to visit that same comic bookstore and I thought maybe I should check it out, but I was on that stage where I go "Whooaa, this is dope!", but end up not buying. When I got home, I was thinking how that Deadpool would look good in my room and how that action figure is going to look sick when I try to pose him as if he’s shooting at my books. So I bought him the following day, and that was the beginning of my action figure collection.

This is the first action figure I purchased out from my own pocket, the Marvel Select Deadpool. If you wanna know about my thoughts, and read some of my reviews about the MS Deadpool and other toys and collectibles I got, just go visit this link:


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