Saturday, 27 October 2012

Monster Weekend: A Pre-Halloween Treat

This weekend, I will be unleashing two of these mild-mannered monsters in accordance to this year's Halloween. I will be posting photos and comments on each of them at my other blog (see link below). These two guys are my lifetime favorites. They both share some common facts; they are both not from Marvel nor DC and the creators of these two amazing comicbook characters used to work for Marvel but now rolling under the banner, Image Comics.

Despite given this nasty yet honorable reputation, the monsters, Pitt and Spawn are like fire and ice with distinctively different styles. One is as cold as the very depth of space, while the other one is consumed by an eternity of hellfire and rage. One is a genetically designed alien- a machine for murder, the other one is a powerful demon- a soldier of the underworld.

One is gonna come out this Saturday, the other one's on Sunday! It's Monster Weekend, I tell you, before Halloween!

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