Sunday, 18 November 2012

Cosplay Philosophy

Let me share you my take on cosplay. Maybe I could be a great "cosplay philosopher" and make few good thoughts to ponder about for guys and girls planning to enter into this realm. Maybe I can help you become a real head-turner everytime there are some comic cons or toy cons, or those crazy geeky events in your town. So here are my Four Pillars to Successful Cosplaying.

1. Armor Hides Everything

Probably when you go wear a Britney Spears months before rehab-costume, then you wouldn't have to worry about those cellulites on that badonkadonk butt and those love handles. But this is your first time doing cosplay, and we don't want people think that you're too ambitious. So wrap yourself around with spandex, cover yourself with fur or gear yourself up with hard plastics because these are your shields against any green-eyed monsters just wanting to hate you.

2. Bad Is Beautiful

Human beings are naturally equipped with some kind of "super-senses" to detect evil when they're around. This is how our species survive against threats for more than a thousand years. There is something about being evil that makes everyone restless, and this is the very reason why you should use its dark powers to your advantage. Use it wisely, don't let anyone assume that deep inside you're just an adorable cuddly bear.

3. Assets Play Supporting Role


When you look upon the stars, do you find yourself somewhat destined to wear a costume of a superhero? You see... you don't have to look further into the galaxy, it is just right at the tip of your nose, the strands of your hair, the surface of your skin, the callouses on your toes. These are the assets you already have that would save you time, effort and money from going into a salon, or starting a Vegan diet. Your natural assets may be useful in certain occasions.

4. Creativity Is A Virtue

And that is how Picasso became one of the renowed artists of all time. Creativity is inarguably a must have on a resume of any artist, including cosplayers. You gotta make people say- "that's something I don't see in an ordinary day!" Try get everyone puzzled until they'll recognize it and say- "Sheldon!" If this was like the American Idol, try to be the "voice-gymnast" of cosplay, just don't get to the point of using fresh lean meat and go Gaga!

So... I hope you enjoyed all those photos and probably smirked at those things I just said. All these just came from a very well-thought out and well-observed character of mine. Until then, ...remember to keep yourself busy because doing nothing can be very hard, you never know when you'll finish.

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