Sunday, 4 November 2012

It's Halo Night Once Again

Just two more days and gamers will experience another night of first-person shooting mayhem! That's right! Halo 4 will be out November 6 in stores everywhere. If you're not a fan or not a gamer at all, then still Halo 4 will be out November 6 in stores everywhere, it doesn't wait for you to become a fan or a gamer.

In fact, I'm not a fan myself. I just like watching some Halo gameplays on YouTube. I like how the action figures look everytime I see some at Toy R Us and Wal-Mart, but there is one that I am truly psyched about.

It's the one from Play Arts- the Gold Spartan. If you're into video game action figures, I would recommend this Spartan over the ones from McFarlane.

...and as to why I don't play Halo. Well, lets just say I am pretty tied up with all the different stuff I do for fun.

Spartan - Mark V

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