Saturday, 27 October 2012

Monster Weekend: A Pre-Halloween Treat

This weekend, I will be unleashing two of these mild-mannered monsters in accordance to this year's Halloween. I will be posting photos and comments on each of them at my other blog (see link below). These two guys are my lifetime favorites. They both share some common facts; they are both not from Marvel nor DC and the creators of these two amazing comicbook characters used to work for Marvel but now rolling under the banner, Image Comics.

Despite given this nasty yet honorable reputation, the monsters, Pitt and Spawn are like fire and ice with distinctively different styles. One is as cold as the very depth of space, while the other one is consumed by an eternity of hellfire and rage. One is a genetically designed alien- a machine for murder, the other one is a powerful demon- a soldier of the underworld.

One is gonna come out this Saturday, the other one's on Sunday! It's Monster Weekend, I tell you, before Halloween!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Barbarian Hulk to End 2012 for Marvel Select

Watch out for the Barbarian Hulk coming out December of this year. He was featured at SDCC 2012 together with the Marvel Select Storm and Venom.
Marvel Select Barbarian Hulk (Photo)

As for this Barbarian Hulk, I probably would have thought of getting him only if I was a huge Hulk fan or someone who is really good at customizing action figures. I mean don’t get me wrong though; this Marvel Select figure looks very well sculpted and detailed as shown in this picture. The problem is… since when did Hulk got into this career? I can say I have some decent knowledge about the Hulk (both past and present) but I can’t remember when he started going Amazonian! Maybe in the near future, Marvel is going to create a story of him lost in the jungles of Savage Land, but I don’t know. If you’re very particular of the lore of the Incredible Hulk, then it’s not worth spending $28 bucks on an action figure that is considerably senseless.
You know who I think should be in this “spot?” Skaar! No doubt that Skaar is the only dude to rightfully claim this spot if we are talking about a superhero with a warrior-monster type persona. With a few customizations, you can turn the Green Goliath into a more accurate, comic-based action figure, and I don’t see why it’s not an option for Diamond Select to just create Skaar.

If this is not an option, then why not the Gladiator Hulk or… World War Hulk! It's gonna be great to have him do the stuff he did like in Planet Hulk or WW Hulk comic book.

I hate surprises. I am more of a “selectionist” type of a collector; I look into the quality and value of every toy rather than try completing a whole series or buying every new releases. I can’t wait for Storm to come out next month, and Venom and Rhino next year. I hope Diamond Select will do some remake of those that I find poorly articulated and lack the poseability.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Avengers vs. X-men: Comic Review - 001

Well!... it's over and finally the story concluded with predictable results.

I tell you, this comic book has given me quite a remedy to those days when boredom just conquers me. The Avengers and the X-men, two of the largest teams in the Marvel universe, had finally came into an ultimate showdown in this one comic book, Avengers vs. X-men. Now earlier this year, before this comic book was released, alot of guys were hyped about it; can't stop talking about it on the Internets saying the Avengers are going to win over the X-men because they got all the heavy hitters like the Hulk, Thor, Scarlet Witch and others... and Doctor Strange (never really expect him to fight for the Avengers). Others were betting on the X-men for they got the greatest telepaths like Emma Frost and Professor X in their team, and because Magneto is there and he'll crush Iron Man like a tin can, but this is not what we're expecting to a comic book that says "Avengers vs. X-men."

The Civil War's storyline, for me, is well-written where they place the audiences/readers under a dilemma, like the so-called "Which Side Are You?" ...between two equally good and reasonable arguments from two groups. As soon as I start reading the first and second part of AvX... or "Round 1," as it's called and Round 2, I thought it was unbelievable. Avengers and X-men, both good guys- actually going at each other, and I was imagining how both of them will probably lose in the end of this showdown, and that neither of their reasons and intentions are right.

However, the story made an interesting turn at Round 5 and 6. After five "Phoenix-possessed" X-men members (Cyclops, Emma, Colossus, Magik, Namor) started to act like power-tripping jerks, that's when I knew right away whose gonna win. This is not a matter of "good versus good" anymore. It's pretty straight forward that the good guys will overcome the bad. Also, I kind of predicted that the "good X-men" will go against their already corrupted leader, and will eventually join forces with the Avengers.

There were some really jawdropping suprises, and character appearances that didn't actually made some game-changing effect at the ending part. I won't give too much detail about the comic book.

I kind of like the comic book but I was expecting a better story that tells just Avengers vs. X-men, not Avengers vs. Evil X-men... or Avengers vs. Phoenix- AVP (or might not use the "AVP" abbreviation). The comic book has some really great artwork and overall it isn't bad.