Friday, 15 February 2013

Assembling the 1960's Batmobile

I've been wanting to get my fingers busy and build something like this funky Batmobile from the 60's. It took some amount of time and effort to build this die-cast vehicle but all that effort paid off. Now I got myself this vehicle that I want on my display, and I'm happy about it.

You gotta love the 60's! Science fiction-based cars like this Batmobile got all sorts of "high-tech" gadgets that is now almost non-existent in our time. As part of their crime fighting adventure, Batman and Robin has to actually bring this conventional fire extinguisher and this rouletting phone in their car.

And so here we got the fully assembled 1960's Batmobile by Johnny Lightning. I hope you enjoyed the photos.

Alfred to DK Batman: "We're still doing some performance tests on all our Tumblers but there should be one car parked there, Master Wayne."


  1. this one is the front part of the vehicle :)

  2. I have been wanting to buy the Polar Lights batman kits but have not pulled the trigger yet. I am still behind on monster stuff...

    1. the 1966 Batmobile by Polar Lights looks way cooler than this one here; I've been looking for it. Hopefully, my local vintage toy store will have some stock.