Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Tekken Bishoujo: Christie Monteiro

The Combollector welcomes a new line of collection! Tekken, being one of my favourite video games of all time, will have topics here in these blogs. Lately, I have been collecting these Bishoujo statues by Kotobukiya and hopefully be getting every new release especially Tekken. Play Arts Kai will be releasing their first two Tekken action figures so just watch out for them at my other blog. Today, I'm gonna show photos of this video game Brazilian-beauty, Christie!

...have a wonderful day!


  1. The figure looks very good here..the paint and the sculpt..everything is nice...Great score!

    1. Thanks, i'll be starting a statue collection of these type.

  2. These are gorgeous figures. I love the way they show the athletic girls in motion.