Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A Shield-Wielder In Every Wave

One cannot help but notice that in every Return of Marvel Legends Wave (by Hasbro), there is always a "shield-wielder" that doesn't want to go away and has been there right in our face. Those shield slinging, stars and stripes wearing action figures, to me, has become as predictable as the rising sun. Hopefully, our resident shield-wielder in Wave 4 would be the last, but let me show who these guys are in each Wave.

Return of Marvel Legends WAVE 1: The Terrax Wave

Commander Steve Rogers (Wave 1)

Return of Marvel Legends WAVE 2: The Arnim Zola Wave

Bucky Cap (Wave 2)

Return of Marvel Legends WAVE 3: (no BAF)

US Agent (Wave 3)

Return of Marvel Legends WAVE 4: The Hit Monkey Wave

Ultimate Captain America (Wave 4)

...And yes, I got all four of them!

I know for sure that there won't be something like these guys to appear on Wave 5 but seeing this pattern, who knows maybe we'll get another one!

Likely candidates:

The Patriot
James Rogers
WWII Captain America

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