Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Fan Event Attendance - 003: The 80's Toy Expo 2013

Let us travel back in time! I mean,... let's find out what toys were there back in the 80's. Though some of the toys I saw in this toy show event are mostly in our present times but I try to cover as much 80's stuff as I could because, I think, this should be about vintage toys! But there are lots of nice people everywhere with lots of awesome items being sold, and I had fun.

Please note that just because I took photos of them doesn't mean that I purchased them, though I wish I could have.

Bravestarr action figures?... It's part of my childhood memories. I really had fun playing them back then.

So check out for more of my toy show adventures!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

My Ideal Women For Wonder Woman

After being psyched about the Man of Steel movie this Summer, I couldn't stop myself thinking about some DC superheroes that should hit the big screen. Quite recently, I've been thinking about those Hollywood bombshells out there who may handle the heat of Wonder Woman's intense personality,... and how come Megan Fox, Gina Carano or even Angelina Jolie aren't included in this list? Well my set of criteria is really very simple:

1) Fresh and Promising: (Jolie out!)

2) Well-Established: (Carano... out!)

3) Affinity for Action: (Megan Fox OUT!)

So for me, who's IN??

Notable Role: Princess Tamina from "Prince of Persia: Sands of Time"
I do, hopefully, want this gal to play a Wonder Woman role and this is why Gemma Arterton is the first on my list. After watching her playing a witch hunting Gretel, she should definitely handle the no-back-down ethos of the Amazonian.

Notable Role: Sweet Pea from "Sucker Punch"
Just imagine how Hollywood can turn this blondie into a bruiser brunette. It's not that hard since we've seen Cornish having her hair dyed black. All she need is to wear that armour and be aggressive as she was on Sucker Punch.

Notable Role: Kyra from "The Chronicles of Riddick"
If you want to render intimidation just from a single stare, then you may wanna get Alexa Davalos to do the job. The art of intimidation is what makes battle scenes more entertaining! Although, she may have not created alot of progress with her acting career, but a Wonder Woman role may be a turning point for her.

Notable Role: Alice Cullen from "The Twilight Saga"
I don't expect you to agree with me on this one, but this Twilight star has an affinity for fantasy and in this light, you should consider thinking she may move forward into something like an action fantasy movie... like Wonder Woman! Being at the bottom of my list, a promising actress like Greene may not look warrior-like but one can only imagine how Hollywood can shape her to fit the role (just look at what they did to Chris Evans).

This is just merely a fan's personal view and I'm expecting other DC fans to have their own ideals different than mine or perhaps the same. We got dozens of women who may be more rightful to fit the role but I'm a little fixated on these four lovely women while considering other point of views.