Sunday, 2 June 2013

Iron Man 3: Micro Muggs

You got your "back ups" here, Stark! ...and I know that you know you're just saving them for last to take on such growing enemies to deal with. At least that's what I thought after I've already tried digesting everything I witnessed in that third movie. Still that issue about the Mandarin is unacceptable, but that part where Tony Stark summoned all his creation was brilliant!

Tony: "We do need back up"

It's a bit of a shame for an Iron Man fan like me not to know every version of suit there was being built. The red and silver Iron Man..., doesn't ring a bell for me but I know War Machine, of course, with the black and gray colour scheme and a rectangular arc reactor. That blue guy is the Stealth Iron Man, I know him! And the white one is perhaps... Future Foundation Iron Man?- I just made that up. I can't remember encountering this guy, but I've seen the black and gold suit in that Iron Man NOW comic books.


There's probably dozens of those suits out there. But regardless of how well we know them, it is essential for Tony not to run out of back ups!... because a good strategy plan is to create back ups for back ups.
"Even back ups need some back up"

I've never actually had a Mighty Mugg and I think getting these Micro ones feed my curiosity, and they actually look cool once they're on a display shelf; something that collectors of any stripes would marvel.

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