Saturday, 22 June 2013

Fan Event Attendance - 004: Niagara Comic Con 2013 (Part 2 - Cosplayers and People)

Now here's Part 2, which covers cosplayers and celebrities, ...I mean- "a celebrity", and I really wished I was a little patient that day; going through the line up, getting some autographs from Mick Foley, David Prowse, Lou Ferrigno and others, ...and flicked some shots! But instead I got just one autograph plus a photo from this hot chick Kaya Jones, which was still cool. Nevertheless, I never came short with photos of people who were so nice; striking a pose in front of my camera. Conferences like this here can never be fun and entertaining without cosplays.

Some zombie apocalypse survivalist unit

"...looks like Kaya ...perhaps it is Kaya from the Pussycat Dolls!"

Hope you enjoyed my photos and until next... comic con event.

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