Thursday, 25 July 2013

Tekken Bishoujo: Lili

I would like to guess that most people doesn't want to hang out with rich spoiled brats for a dozen of reasons. They are too inflexible and uncontrollable, and oftentimes pick up some fights. Fortunately for this girl, she's been trained in the arts of ass whooping from... heaven knows where while being such a prissy girl. Lili Rochefort doesn't need bodyguards nor any kind of discipline; she does what she feels like doing, and this Bishoujo Statue by Kotobukiya renders all that you need to know about her.

...Or you can just play those Tekken games to get a better learning of her.


  1. Li Li is also one of my favourite female characters in Tekken.

    1. Lili's moves are easy to execute. I can do a Fight-a-thon with her without even dying.