Sunday, 25 August 2013

Marvellous Week - 002

It's marvellous! Now we got a modern Hawkeye for our modern Avengers action figure display! And carrying the Rocket Racoon BAF parts, we have Jean Grey, Black Panther and Wrecker which are equally awesome looking, and I don't know which one to open and review first.

Jean Grey sporting her Classic X-Men TV Series outfit will probably the first one since I love her being in this blue and orange type of spandex. I may also take on the Wrecker since Hasbro also did an amazing job on the sculpt of this figure and I'm glad they've already released him to finally complete our Wrecking Crew team. However, of all the four figures, it's the Black Panther that has the most spot-on rendition of the man that we've always seen in the comics.

...And so I'm confused. They all looked good. Let alone being completely excited to assemble Rocket Racoon!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Combollector Turned One

It has been a year now that I've been collecting! I remember when I created my first Blogger post last August 19, 2012 entitled Collection and Combination where I said that I would only be collecting certain action figures in certain toylines, and combine my favourite teams of superhero characters and build-a-figures but damn... I didn't thought that out from it, I have covered a 6.5 feet tall 6-row shelf in a matter of a year.

Originally, it was Marvel Select, Marvel Legends, Play Arts Kai, Masters of the Universe Classics, and Transformers (which I am still working on) that I want to focus on, but as I go on toy hunting, I have discovered other cool and classy toys and collectibles like those from DC Direct, Revoltech, McFarlane Toys, NECA and Kotobukiya.

Upon looking at this inevitable collection expansion, I decided to cherry pick these collectibles and action figures that are meant to be kept while sell others on eBay or trade them at Kool Stuff Toys, a local toys and collectible store just right around my area.

I created The Combollector as a sort of my "diary" for these adventures I have been through with all these collectibles and other geeky stuff related to it, while the other blog, Combollector's Action Figure Collection which, thankfully, had more pageviews than this blog is like an "encyclopedia" of the action figures I've hunted.

And so... I wanna move forth with this "hunt" for another year and see how my tiny room can handle the expansion (which I'm sure it would still have another spot for another shelf). But right now, I wanna give myself a pat on the back for The Combollector has turned one year last Monday (August 19).

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Preview: Maketoys Quantron

Maketoys has given us yet another Transformer Combiner-bot, and this time it's Quantron... or Computron (in reference to it's G1 Transformers counterpart). This photos are taken from that TFCon event held last July 26-28 at Mississauga, and I am one of the attendees there lucky enough to get a first look of this amazing creation by Maketoys. Hopefully before the end of this year we will see its first Combiner-bot that builds this figure.

Maketoys Quantron