Sunday, 27 October 2013

October's The Walking Dead Figures

In a matter of days, streets will be filled with children (and tweens) sporting their baddest and most glorious ghoulish costumes as they will be in for some sweet little treat by an unsuspected Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde in a house or a pack of partying Werewolves on Halloween night.

But my "Halloween night" came early this October! Besides having been excited to watch the premier episode, I had several Walking Dead figures I invited into my sanctuary that came out on retail like three or four weeks ago.

I suppose you've already met Rick Grimes, the sort of "Optimus Prime" in the pack that I reviewed week 1 of this month. Daryl Dixon, the ultimate badass zombie-killer- no question. Followed by his brother, the eccentric Merle, who taught us that being amputated and disabled could never stop you from fighting... or torturing for that matter. Of course, we got the one and only femme fatale of the group, Andrea who sadly was already digging her own grave in Season 3.

"The Last Samurai" (as per Daryl), Michonne also looked awesome in this action figure, which I reviewed like months ago. Though not a part of this October's Walking Dead feature, but I gotta include her.

If you're thinking about costume ideas for Halloween, why not dress up like one of these guys or something like a zombie. Anyways, just check out my blog, Combollector's Action Figure Collection which strictly features all action figures that I've collected. Until then and may you have an exciting Trick o' Treating this Halloween!

Friday, 11 October 2013

The Amazing Spider-Man Legends In Spring 2014

Next year in spring, Hasbro will release yet another batch of action figure movie tie-ins. We've all seen how successful the Iron Man Legends was this past couple of months and I got every single figure in that wave. We'll then get the Wolverine Legends this month of October and now this for the Amazing Spider-Man movie, which is something for collectors and fans to look forward to. With its interesting choice of characters and an interesting choice of BAF figure, I think I would finally get a more classic (or standard) and a much cleaner look of a Spider-Man action figure that I'm going to keep. 

Now here we have it: Spider-Man (from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie), Superior Spider-Man, Carnage, Blackcat, Beetle, Electro (from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie), and Ultimate Green Goblin (as the Build-A-Figure).

Ultimate Green Goblin (Build-A-Figure)

So apparently, this Ultimate Green Goblin uses the Marvel Legends Avengers Hulk body mold with the same skin colour and torn pants, which I'm not too impressed with even with the added feature but, oh well, we'll still have to find out. Otherwise, I'm very excited to get the rest of the figures.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Fan Event Attendance - 005: Hamilton Brought Me Back To The Future

At the Hammer Town Comic Con 2013 event, past met present! This is how I remember what the DeLorean Time Machine looked like when I saw the movie on VHS 20 years ago, and last Saturday (October the 5th) was a dream come true for me to see an actual replica of one of Hollywood's iconic vehicles. It got the Flux Capacitor, Mr. Fusion, control boards, computer and everything, and it is drawing a lot of people. Having to drive only 8 minutes from home, I was very happy that they had this gorgeous car in Hamilton.