Monday, 4 November 2013

Unboxing - 001: Marvel Legends Wolverine

A lot of you may be wondering where I get my action figures. Well to be quite honest, I don't really order them much online. Rather, I go to a local comic book store or a trade show to avoid all that shipping and custom charges.

But there are some good deals you can find online especially when you order them in bulk like these Marvel Wolverine Legends: BAF Puck Series figures that I got at BBTSThis is actually the first time I posted an "unboxing post" cause I thought it might be cool to show you my epic bamboo floor laid with all these amazing looking figures that I'd like to review soon.

I never had these tons of action figures received from a mailed package. With two extra Wolverines and an extra Cyclops and Sabretooth, I am open to trade! Or you can just buy it off from me. Unfortunately, there is no extra Emma Frost for all you guys out there... "I can't give you my Emma Frost!"

I guess they are still up for a deal at Big Bad Toy Store so go check them out. Until then and... happy hunting!


  1. Hey man....what's ur email address? Let's see if we can deal... =)

    Alternatively you may email me first at