Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Nasty or Nice?

Santa Claus needs your help! He got four guys on his list that are, for some reason, extremely cool and radical but potentially ruthless and violent, and may destroy the Holiday spirit. It's probably been a week now that he still haven't decided whether he should come by their chimneys or not. Why can't it just be between a hero and a villain? Why these guys?!

Well... that's because the theme for this month of December are anti-heroes and guys with debatable reputations. Here are the four "Nasty or Nice Candidates", and sorry Santa, but you said you're checking us all... right?

1. Deadpool - he is arguably the world's most infamous anti-hero. He probably loves the Holidays like he loves his guns, grenades, his C4 explosive death traps, and his variety of knives and other shiny things that the law had prohibited you of. Among those shiny things is money! He should be called the merc with a mouth and money inside the head. His allegiance can't be determined but Deadpool can work for the good... that is if the benefits are good.

2. Predator - he is probably what you'll hope for if you get yourself trapped within Xenomorph territory. That saying from the movie might be true: "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". The Predator culture under human perspective may be a bit intense but they are who they are. Predators live by a code; killing only the strong while sparing the weak. Average Joes are more likely at the safer side.

3. Namor - not only that this guy is potentially nasty but he is a prick. An arrogant prick that you don't want yourself to be around with in a house party. The only thing that kept him from turning into a baddie is his infatuation to human women (i.e. Invisible Woman). Without that, this pretty boy can launch an army of fishmen from deep sea and strike fear to those he hates the most.

4. Silver Surfer - he simply got no other choice. You can't blame Norrin for his act by offering himself to the world-devourer just to save his planet from being devoured. As a herald of Galactus, he goes from planet to planet; directing his master to these planets, which his master thought is... food! So if you think that it's cool that we're being visited by an alien man dressed in silver spandex on a surfboard, bare in mind that what comes next ain't cool.

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