Thursday, 28 March 2013

Tekken Bishoujo: Asuka Kazama

The nice thing about statues is that you'll get to marvel your eyes at these fine details and work of artistry, but the great thing about Bishoujo statues is that... you'll never know what you'll be getting. Who would expect that this tough brawler-girl could turn into a bombshell? Not only that I'm impressed with the sculpt and paint job this statue has, but also the artist's creative imagination that combines all this. Asuka, a character that I play well in Tekken, just looks differently better!

Expect more of these Bishoujo girls to come.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

This Week's New Stuff - 003

Actually, these are the new toylines and the same ol' old stuff I've acquired. For the new ones, I have just started digging into the Walking Dead figures while working on my Transformers and Masters of the Universe Classics. And of course and as unchanging as it may seem to be for me, -my Marvel stuff!

Collecting Walking Dead figures is going to be fun, and here I'm showing you the Well Zombie from season. I can't wait to get Rick Grimes and the rest of the gang.

I probably haven't shown you yet any photos of my Transformers figures in this blog, but here it is- my new TF Universe Galvatron along with Generations Cliffjumper, which I had for awhile. I already had like 5 or 6 of them on my shelf and soon (hopefully this year), I'll be doing some reviews on all my Transformers.

I'd like to welcome Man-At-Arms! He is a great addition to my Masters of the Universe Classics collection. Like I've always said to all my friends- "collecting MOTUC is like a colourful adventure." So right now I got He-Man, Sorceress, Battle Cat, and... now this guy!

Finally, I decided to get the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man. With all the cool action figures released last year, I never really bothered to get him (not sure why), but I'm sure it's going to be fun to put him on display with my Venom and Rhino figure.

And of course, I would never pass on a Marvel Legends Archangel. Who doesn't want a kickass Archangel that looks way better than the Toy Biz one? I can't wait to talk about this guy.

For now, that's it! You'll get to see these guys out of their packages soon.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A Shield-Wielder In Every Wave

One cannot help but notice that in every Return of Marvel Legends Wave (by Hasbro), there is always a "shield-wielder" that doesn't want to go away and has been there right in our face. Those shield slinging, stars and stripes wearing action figures, to me, has become as predictable as the rising sun. Hopefully, our resident shield-wielder in Wave 4 would be the last, but let me show who these guys are in each Wave.

Return of Marvel Legends WAVE 1: The Terrax Wave

Commander Steve Rogers (Wave 1)

Return of Marvel Legends WAVE 2: The Arnim Zola Wave

Bucky Cap (Wave 2)

Return of Marvel Legends WAVE 3: (no BAF)

US Agent (Wave 3)

Return of Marvel Legends WAVE 4: The Hit Monkey Wave

Ultimate Captain America (Wave 4)

...And yes, I got all four of them!

I know for sure that there won't be something like these guys to appear on Wave 5 but seeing this pattern, who knows maybe we'll get another one!

Likely candidates:

The Patriot
James Rogers
WWII Captain America

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Card Collection: 1992 X-Men Series 1

Ever since I was a little boy, I've been hunting, hoarding and exchanging cards with other young collectors like me who love these Marvel superhero-type trading cards with all its numbers of series.

About a couple months ago, I bought these cards in a set, and how I love every single one of them with its Jim Lee style artwork, which I've been longing to have.

Fellas! This is the X-Men Series 1 Trading Cards back in 1992.

Almost every single X-Men character are in this trading card. Maybe some of the newer ones are not here though.

It is so much fun to see their facts and bios, and each of their power grid at the back of these cards.

This is the time where heroes are used to be super-villains, and villains are used to be superheroes.

These trading cards (and I'm going to show you some of those other series soon) are probably the ones that inspired me to create some really nice photos of action figures on my other blog website at Combollector's Action Figure Collection.