Monday, 3 March 2014

Taking A Tour Around The 1980 Mego Batcave

This... is not mine. This belongs to a friend who is a sucker for vintage toys specifically on comic book superheroes stuff. What's astonishing about vintage collectors is that they always take you to a tour back in time just by allowing you to stay in their "collection room". The 1980 Mego Batcave had me drawn to stay longer and take photos on what's apparently just thin hard plastic assembled together to create Bats infamous hideout.

...and here's the kitchen.

Being the mainstream toy collecting guy such as myself never expected to like this figure... or rather playset. The feeling I got was more of an awe for this very old piece than amazement. Now I know why some collectors dig for these kinds.


  1. Love that kitchen! That proved that superheroes do eat like us normal human beings....LOL.

  2. i have this - my mom bought it for me from the Pennys catalog, I assume. I really loved it. And obviously so, since I still have it.