Thursday, 24 April 2014

Unboxing - 002: Japanese Imports

When it comes to high quality toys, you can't go wrong with the ones from Japan. So far, I got no complains or whatsoever with their products. They always put me at awe.

This is another box I received from BBTS, the store that can magically make a few of your savings disappear! Well I guess $125 USD for all these three items is not a big deal and plus I utilized their "Pile of Loot" system just to save me from getting costly shipping charges. Moreover, I bought these stuff only because I've always been a fan of these characters and so I think it's worth it.

Growing with Street Fighter, this statue of Chun Li (by Kotobukiya) is a must-grab for me. Another part of my childhood are the Power Rangers and I would definitely get the Blue and Yellow Ranger soon to complete the whole team. And how will Bandai's Predator fair up with that from NECA's?- that will be answered as soon as I review it.

I will be posting more photos on each of them individually. 'Til then and happy toy hunting!