Monday, 29 September 2014

Street Fighter Bishoujo: Cammy

Of all the sci-fi and fantasy or video game vixens that Kotobukiya has turned and translated into their own Japanese anime-type Bishoujo statues, Cammy is probably the easiest one to create. I mean, look at her! She got all the elements to be already a Bishoujo- a set of large lovely eyes and a body or outfit that may get you warned for bringing it home to your wife, to the point where reimagining her is not quite of a strain. Dammit! Why does she have to wear that? Though I like her; she is brave and bold having no fear showing every single abilities and assets she got. This is the kind of woman I salute!

When the world itself is becoming into a huge street fight, we need women like Cammy.

Monday, 15 September 2014

The Walking Dead (Season 4) Limited Edition DVD

A "Key" key ring for my keys could actually make all my friends wonder why I'm bringing this big weird-shaped bronze key around me and what is it for. The temptation to tell a lie especially to those who aren't fans of the show is there; that I got it from the actual Walking Dead set!..., but of course why would I do that when we got them all over at Wal-Mart.